• Comunicatewith your team fans

  • With FanLight fans have a stronger voice

  • Want to give them an unforgettable experience?

Massive and synchronized interaction

Technology for large audience interaction.

Synchronized light show

FanLight makes every screen and mobile flash light part of a collective lights show.

Polls and notifications

Users can participate in and out of the venue answering polls and reading messages sent by an administrator.

Data and Statistics

Poll results, metrics and tendencies are easily accessible via web.

Who is FanLight for?

Sports teams, music bands on tour, clubs, event organizers or entertainment companies that are looking to connect with their audience in new and innovative way.

Technology for events and entertainment

FanLight is a mobile app powered by a set of cloud technologies.

Everything you need to make decisions before, during and after the event, based on your clients, fans or followers

The administrator accesses a dashboard where he or she can generate reports, graphs and necessary statistics to make decisions.

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vs. Active
vs. Women

Statistics and online information

Aimed to improve engagement based on audience feedback about the artists, players, game situations, songs being played, or any other ongoing event via real-time polls.

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Accessible and intuitive

Adapted design and functionalities for all major platforms to improve management and usability.

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What do we Offer?

Services for FanLight members

Control panel

The client accesses a private website online to connect with the fans community through messages, polls and news notifications. From the dashboard statistics can be searched, access historical metrics; activate lights and mobile flashes remotely to magnify important events during a game.

FanLight wears your colors

The app is customized to have your wanted look and colors, so your users will love it.

Colors and logos

Using flag colors, official logos and other design features, each app has an independent identity.

Target your Audience

You know what your fans and followers want. Bring to them what they are looking for and gain their support and fidelizaty.

Spread the Word!

All content generated with FanLight by the administrator or the fans (pictures, answers, news, etc.) is shareable via web to increase social network viralization and expand even more media traction.

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